Where are you located? I see your address, but where are you?
Our address is 619 Frankfort Ave., Elberta, MI. We're right on the corner of M22 before it crosses the Betsy. Crystal Lake Catering is our sister company; we share the building. 
When do you open? 
We're trying to open late August. We'd love the opportunity to stay open through the winter, too!
What are you serving? 
Our rotating menu of chef designed meals. Have a suggestion for a future meal? Let us know! 
Can I get it delivered?
Carried Away Gourmet is pick up only.
Can I order it for a larger group? 
Sure! We're gonna need a little extra time to prepare for your large group. Contact us for more details. 
Do you have beverages?
Not at this time. Check back with us as we're always looking for ways to add services to our offerings.
Do you have ice available?
Sure thing! We sell ice by the bag!
Can I pay when I pick it up?
All orders are to be placed and paid for online.
Do you accept cash? 
We accept all forms of credit card payment.